dental leaders team

Kathy Findlay
Kathy is the office manager and cornerstone of the practice.  Her responsibility is to ensure that all patients are well cared for, with their needs fully met by providing continuously excellent service.  She assists with travel arrangements for out-of-town patients and is an instant friend to all.  Kathy holds dual degrees in business and marketing from Abilene Christian University. She has been with the practice for more than twenty three years!  She has a beautiful daughter Kelley who is presently in college. 

Marilyn Suarez

Marilyn is a true asset to the practice, fulfilling important responsibilities in patient services as the chief financial administrator.  Marilyn brings tremendous experience and joie de vie to the Dental Leaders team. Prior to joining the practice’s leadership she was a patient for many years.  Marilyn is expertly bilingual and provides exceptional services to Spanish-speaking patients.  She graduated from the University of Miami with degrees in business and marketing.  She has two beautiful children, Luke and Sofia.

Nicole Brown
Nicole performs dual roles in the practice, both as Dr. Souviron's legal secretary and the insurance administrator for the practice. In the former capacity, she is responsible for scheduling Dr. Souviron’s appearances and lectures, as well as providing documentation for his legal testimony. Nicole is the foundation behind Dr. Souviron's busy schedule.  In the latter capacity, she tackles with ease everything from benefit verification to complex authorizations.  She has a lovely daughter, Amber!

Cathy Garwood, RDH

Cathy is an integral part of the Dental Leaders practice.  She is a career dental hygienist with decades of experience and a reputation for thorough yet comfortable cleanings. She has also extended into the patient service arena and assists as an insurance coordinator;  helping patients to better understand their benefits and to provide necessary follow-up with insurance reimbursements.  

Tracy Gomoll, RDH  

As a dental hygienist, Tracy has a reputation for compassionate and gentle care.  She excels at winning over fearful patients and derives much satisfaction from the differences she is able to make in people's health.  She is a graduate of Miami Dade College, and has been with the practice for more than twenty-three years.  Tracy is bilingual in English and Spanish.  She has three children: twins Brandon and Trevor in college, and her own spiritual twin, young Zoe!

Gigi Gill, CDA

 Gigi is the hands of our orthodontic program.  A career orthodontic technician and dental assistant,  Gigi is new to our practice but certainly not new to orthodontics.   She has relocated from Washington DC, where she worked for years in orthodontics and oral surgery.  Her secret skill is as a world-class professional DJ!

Desi Jiron, CDA

Desi is a career dental assistant with advanced training and experience in assisting with TMJ diagnosis and treatment. He runs the practice’s joint vibration analyses and electromyography studies plus also provides patients with wonderful chair-side demeanor. Desi's great sense of humor and impeccable manners keep him in high esteem with patients. Desi was born and raised in Nicaragua and is fluent in English and Spanish. 

Alina Diaz, CDA

Alina is an outstanding dental assistant with more than 25 years of experience. She joined Dental Leaders after moving to Coral Gables from Orlando, Florida.  Alina is detail-oriented and has a comforting demeanor to soothe even the most apprehensive patient.  Alina is our Lead Dental Assistant, and manages the clinical aspects of the Dental Leaders practice.  She has special expertise in dental implantology, and is a certified anesthesia assistant.

Sarah Simpson, CDA

Sarah joined the practice in 2006 and has quickly become a patient favorite. She is an expert in dental care and assisting, and constantly demonstrates her genuinely warm and caring personality.  An integral part of the practice, she is a master of keeping patient treatment running smoothly.   Sarah has two children: Samaria and newborn John.


Lineth is Dr. Correa's chairside assistant.  
She is a career dental assistant with tremendous experience in restorative dentistry and orthodontics.
She is quiet, competent, and has a sharp sense of humor. She makes every appointment fun.  She has two lovely children and wants to make your every visit better!

Maria Hernandez

Maria works diligently to assure Dr. Souviron's medicolegal record keeping is perfect. She is the main contact for patient appointments and attorney meetings/depositions.  She is also responsible for paper management in his office and assists with insurance follow-through among various other tasks.  Maria is bilingual in English and Spanish and is an empathetic soul to all. 

Eboni Bryant

Eboni showed up at our door one day and told us why we should hire her.  We listened.  You benefit.  While studying for a career in dentistry, she has become the backbone of the practice’s record keeping department and assists the practice with various clerical duties. Eboni, a joyous soul, is always willing to help the practice on a clerical and clinical level.