Richard R. Souviron, DDS

Professional InterestS

Dental Problem-Solving; Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry;  Implant Solutions; Facial Pain/TMJ;  All Aspects of Forensic Dentistry


  • Emory University School of Dentistry, DDS
  • Emory University undergraduate


Temporomandibular Joint Disorders,  Dental Implantology,  Reconstructive Dentistry.

Professional Affiliations

American Dental Association,  Florida Dental Association,  South Florida District Dental Society,  International College of Dentists (Fellow),  American Academy of Forensic Sciences (Fellow),  American Board of Forensic Odontology (Founding Member and Diplomat)


  • 1997–Present - Dental Leaders at 336 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, Florida
  • 1960—1997 - Private practice in Coral Gables, Florida

Offices Held/Services

  • Comprehensive and Full Mouth Rehabilitation Division, Dade County Dental Research Clinic- Chair
  • American Board of Forensic Odontology- President, Chair, Ethics Committee
  • East Coast District Dental Society- Member, Ethics Committee
  • Dade County Dental Research Clinic- President
  • Greater Miami Dental Society- President
  • University of Miami Medical School, Department of Pathology, Forensic Dentistry- Adjunct Professor
  • Metro Dade County Florida Medical Examiner Department- Chief Forensic Dentist, Associate Medical Examiner

Lectures/Seminars Given

  • Bite Mark Evidence in Criminal Cases*
  • Dental Evidence in Criminal Cases*
  • Dentistry and the Law*

(*Dr. Souviron is highly sought after as an analyst and witness in dentally related criminal and civil cases. His extensive expertise in treating patients with bite disorders and TMJ disorders has afforded him great renown in the science of bite-mark evidence. Dr. Souviron came to the national forefront as the expert to bring conclusive evidence of guilt in the Ted Bundy murder case. In addition to fulfilling his civic duty to assist law enforcement agencies in such cases, Dr. Souviron has lectured extensively around the nation on forensic dentistry, the science of the human bite function, and interpretation of such evidence in criminal cases.)


 Hunting, fishing, outdoor sports.