Dental Leaders exists to provide exceptional patients with exceptional care, exceptional services, and exceptional dentistry.  

  • Exceptional Patients:  Individuals who demand the highest quality in care and professional relationships, who value good health and principle-centered health care, and who require the best for themselves and their families
  • Exceptional Care:  A personal investment to patients’ well-being as measured by attentiveness, high standards of infection control, and a responsibility to the patient, not to insurances or any third parties
  • Exceptional Services:  Offering all phases of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, available to all patients, regardless of anxieties or apprehensions. Complete one-day dentistry with services that include intravenous sedation, twilight sleep, and general anesthesia
  • Exceptional Dentistry:  Licensed and certified professionals who provide interactive care and creative solutions to dental problems, from complete examination and diagnosis to restoration and resolution that patients can appreciate for a lifetime!

With practice partners K. Randall Groh, DDS and Richard R. Souviron, DDS at the helm, Dental Leaders is the premier resource in South Florida, the Caribbean, and Central and South America for quality and comfortable dental care.  All three doctors and the practice they have built are unsurpassed in the quality of services they provide, including dental implants and sedation and anesthesia services for anxious or phobic patients.  The addition of Dr. Correa provides extensive family practice experience to the Dental Leaders repertoire.   Doctors Groh, Souviron, and Correa provide extensive, quality services to results-oriented patients from around the hemisphere.

Located in historic Coral Gables, Florida—the “City Beautiful”—the Dental Leaders practice is situated in one of the most desirable communities in the United States. Experiencing tremendous growth as the U.S. headquarters for hundreds of multinational corporations, Coral Gables grows and thrives while retaining the quaintness of its Mediterranean architecture and small town feel. 

For patients considering traveling to Coral Gables for dental care, it is important to know that the city and the Dental Leaders practice are bilingual, with many Spanish-speaking citizens and visitors as well as a Portuguese-speaking contingency.  International and out-of-town travelers seeking treatment with Doctors Groh, Souviron, and Correa will find excellent service and advice when they contact the office.  The practice has a dedicated staff member to personally assist with patients’ travel plans and enjoyment during their stay.