Forensic Dental Science

Forensic dentistry is a specialty area that concerns itself with legal and judiciary matters.  It includes legal testimony as an expert witness, assistance to law enforcement agencies in gathering and evaluating evidence, assistance to medical examiners in gathering and evaluating evidence and identifying criminals and victims, and administrating and developing mass disaster evidentiary and identification programs.

Dr. Souviron became world famous through his many contributions to the science and practice of forensic dentistry, including the collection and interpretation of evidence and expert-witness testimony in court proceedings.  Under the tutelage of celebrated medical examiner Joe Davis, MD, Richard was appointed Chief Forensic Odontologist for Miami-Dade County, and continues to serve in that position.  He gained world notoriety in the investigation and prosecution of the Theodore "Ted" Bundy serial murder case, and has continued this public service in many other high-profile cases including serial killer Gerard Schaefer, Jimmy Rice, Gianni Versace, Marv Albert, the West Memphis Three, and the Phil Spector murder cases.  As further evidence of his acumen in forensic dental science, Dr. Souviron is the co-founder and has served in the leadership of several forensic societies.  He has co-authored and contributed to multiple texts on dental crime scene investigation, collection of evidence, and interpretation of dental evidence.  He is also a world-expert in animal bites.  

Doctor Souviron and Doctor Groh both provide expert witness and case review services to the legal community.  Providing opinions for plaintiff and defense cases, they are a strong resource in the State and nation for maintaing dental integrity.