At Dental Leaders, we emphasize a youthful and natural approach to facial esthetics.


Botox is the trade name for Botulinum toxin, which in small and measured quantities can decrease the activity of overly-active facial muscles. 

In other words, the thin muscles under the skin that cause wrinkles and tense-appearing facial expressions are inactivated, for an average of ninety days.

Keeping up with your Botox treatments on a regular basis gives the added benefit that over time, dosages and costs go down.

We start new Botox patients with calculated average dosages, and check for results after two weeks.  DO NOT LOVE OR HATE your Botox treatment until those two weeks have passed; it takes that long for the full effect to develop.  Enhancements are made, if necessary, at the two-week visit, and total necessary dosages are calculated for future treatments.

We charge for Botox by the unit, or actual amount used.  There is a charge for any units used at the enhancement visit as well.  This is the most fair way to charge, as you pay for exactly what you need and use, and there is no "funny business" with dilutions or "specials".


In the Dental Leaders practice we utilize Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus as fillers to remove deep facial lines and wrinkles that are not amenable to Botox treatment.

These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a natural product, and the lovely and youthful effects last an average of nine months.  

Like Botox, if you keep up with fillers, there is a certain amount of growth stimulation that occurs, and you will require less and less for follow up.

Dermal fillers are also useful for augmenting the beauty and form of lips.  We do not commit "lip atrocities" in the form of some of the gross overtreatments you may have seen. Lips can be changed and bulked quite nicely, but a series of finer treaments yields a much more natural and long lasting result.

Juvederm syringes can only be used on one patient for infection-control reasons. Therefore, we charge per syringe, most procedures requiring two syringes.  


Botox Frown Lines or "Number Elevens"

Botox Crow's Feet






Juvederm Facial Lines